PBS MediaShift Article Highlights CCTV's Success in Transitioning to a Digital World

With online media sources becoming entrenched in so many of our lives, traditional media platforms -- from the local paper to PEG access channels -- have often found themselves fighting to stay relevant. CCTV has certainly heard its share of these arguments too. Who needs public access when you have YouTube?

For an answer as to how public access centers can stay very relevant, Katie Donnelly, Associate Research Director at the Center for Social Media at American University, recently highlighted CCTV and our NeighborMedia citizen journalism program on her blog on PBS.org's MediaShift. She interviewed Colin Rhinesmith, CCTV's Community Media and Technology Manager on how and why the program works, plus how he measures impact. Check out the full article here!


As a NeighborMedia correspondent, I find the balance Colin provides between encouraging/nudging me and letting me find my stories and tell them in my own way so valuable! I've lived in Cambridge for a long time and been involved in many arts and other community activities; through the NeighborMedia program, I can reach and connect with others both within and outside of Cambridge. Each of the NM correspondents has different interests, ways of communicating, and background, so many voices are represented; Colin's expertise and collaborative approach provides us with constant opportunities to reflect on new ways to communicate our message and connect with our community!