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Pastors Alan and Jessie Henderson guest on The Callalloo Express Relationships Show

Pastors Alan and Jessie Henderson guest on The Callalloo Express Relationships Show

Alan and Jessie share about their call to Church planting in Boston.

  • Posted on: 3 January 2017
  • By: lynette

The Callalloo Express Relationships Show hosted by Lynette Laveau, is proud to present on Jan 4, 2017 guests Allan and Jessie Henderson from Australia.
Tune in at 2:00pm. If you have missed the show please read below and learn about their compelling story of hearing and answering the Holy Spirit's call in the midst of brokenness. Their obedience to the call led them to journey to Boston in their Global mission as pastors, to share Jesus with the broken hearted and the masses who seek him, or heed the call of the spirit to wake up to the truth,grace and saving power of the gospel, for the glory of God.

Alan and Jessie-Claire's Story by Alan Henderson.

Allan and Jessie-Claire grew up and met in Townsville, a city on the north-eastern coast of Australia. Both Allan and Jessie have been inspired to choose positive alternatives to their early life experiences: Allan overcoming the challenges of substance abuse and Jessie-Claire learning to live independently away from the instability of her family home. Together, as new Christians, they began the process of life transformation – a journey that led them to serving in the capacity of Youth Pastors at Allan’s parents’ life-giving local church, The Pentecostal Sanctuary.

In 2002 Allan and Jessie-Claire got married and spent the next eight years loving life, travelling, building careers and Pastoring in many capacities, such as Youth and Outreach Pastoring, Worship Pastor (Jessie-Claire), and building the local church. They have hosted a number of large city-wide events drawing crowds of thousands and seeing many of these people accepting Jesus into their lives.

After three years of struggling to conceive, and on their eighth year of marriage, a miracle came along with the birth of their first-born, Jude.

Not long after this Allan, Jessie-Claire and Jude packed up their entire world and relocated to the Gold Coast, Australia to take the position of lead Pastor of the City Church Gold Coast. After two years serving in this capacity, God brought Pastors Kerry and Rhian Robertson (Senior Pastors at C3 North Gold Coast and State oversight of C3 Queensland) into their lives.

Through this connection Allan and Jessie-Claire made the transition into the C3 Movement, joining the C3 North Gold Coast team. Four years have passed since joining the team, and in this time they have served in a number positions such as Young Adults Pastors, Campus Pastors and Youth Pastors.

Both Allan and Jessie-Claire have seen God do incredible miracles, have witnessed hundreds of people welcoming Jesus into their lives, and held some of the largest student events on the Gold Coast. Both Allan and Jessie-Claire have graduated from Bible College with honors.

Jessie-Claire has a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Allan is in the early stages of completing his Masters in Organizational Leadership.

The pair have significant corporate experience: Jessie-Claire holding several national leadership positions with Australia’s largest telecommunications company as well as operating her very own start-up company; and Allan holding significant leadership and senior executive positions within some of the world’s largest consumer-goods companies, and various other large organizations.

Together with Jude, Allan and Jessie- Claire are passionate about life and they love traveling and meeting people. More than anything they are passionate about Jesus and the message of Hope and Life through a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2013 God placed the City of Boston on Allan and Jessie-Claire's heart and since then they haven’t been able to shake it! In 2016 Allan and Jessie-Claire will follow their dream walking away from the security of great jobs and a great church to start a significant city-wide, life-giving church that will change the spiritual atmosphere of the Greater Boston area.

Why? Because 4.7 million people matter!

While holidaying in Boston in the cold of winter 2014 Allan and Jessie-Claire got a confirmation of what they had been feeling for a number of years. That God was calling them to leave the safety and security of their Jobs and lives, pack up the family and move to the Boston area to build a significant life-giving church that will change the spiritual atmosphere of the city.

While travelling in a Boston cab to see a movie Allan and Jessie-Claire began speaking to the driver about their heart for the city, for the people and their vison to start a church that would impact this city.

The Cab drivers name was Brian, What Allan and Jessie-Claire didn’t know was that Brian was 5 years sober, but had made the decision that morning, that at the end of his shift he was done, finished, going to throw everything away and start drinking again.

But as Allan and Jessie-Claire began speaking Brian began to weep and cry. Brian begins to speak about his situation and that he asked God today to give him a sign, to stop him from quitting. Allan and Jessie-Claire had a beautiful moment praying and speaking to Brian.

In that moment they felt God speak clearly, there are 4.7 million people just like Brian in Boston. Every one of them a moment away from life and a moment away from death and we get to be a part of these moments seeing one the great cities of the world won for Jesus!

All are invited to an Interest party on January 7 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm which is free to the public.

Connect with them through the contact information for exact location below.

Alan Henderson
C3 Equippers Church
m: (617) 347-9480