A Walk in the Woods to Renew the Spirit

A Walk in the Woods to Renew the Spirit

Every spring it is a good idea to go outside somewhere and see what survived to live another year. Today I went up to Middlesex Fells in Medford. Contrary to popular opinion, (unpopular, I suppose, in certain places) the world may not be quite on the verge just yet. I won't bore anyone with descriptions of what I saw while there. I'll let the pictures speak for me. The one thing I will share is that by doing this it was confirmed that I too have survived. I'll be keeping an eye on things just to make sure.


Wonderful pictures--what a treat! Thanks, Mark. I can also confirm that you have survived; anyway, I saw you live on CCTV just a few days ago, looking pretty good.
Mary Holbrow

Friends of Alewife Reservation staff are very much following "Ruby and Buzz". Yes, We have just sent out Ernie’s video on the nesting hawks. See links below.

I have been watching it grow for a while.
We have much to learn, and so glad Ernie is chronicling it so beautifully as the chick growth continues to fledglings.

A hopeful sign in an area of too much human food.

The male, "Buzz", may be finding snakes near the construction site on New St. behind the Mall to bring home to dinner.

We will certainly document this development with Ernie Sarro.

Thanks for going to good places and letting the public know on CCTV.
As you know, Mark, we have been in the midst of incredible advocacy to protect North and Northwest Cambridge's open space, and we are
having to go up against one of the largest developers in the U.S.

Our time to enjoy has been limited, but we have been busy with stewarding projects and preparing for our summer camp.


Third Chick appears: 4.5 min


Chick stands tall: 1 min


Chicks are born (nest close-up): 2 min