Lesley helps meet growing demand for counselors, psychologists

Lesley helps meet growing demand for counselors, psychologists

Lesley University is launching Ph.D. in counseling and psychology.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Lesley University is launching a Ph.D. program in counseling and psychology designed for licensed mental health professionals and school counselors pursuing doctoral-level careers in transformative leadership, education and applied research.

The new program is consistent with Lesley’s philosophical orientation toward pragmatic, reflective practice, and is enrolling its first students for fall 2017, with an application deadline of February.

“Mental health counselors, school counselors and LICSWs are the foundation of the new world of community and school-based mental health treatment and consultation,” says Susan Gere, division director of Counseling and Psychology at Lesley’s Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences. “This doctoral program is designed to draw upon the education and clinical strengths of professionals who want to apply their knowledge and experience to trauma-informed and social-justice-oriented leadership.”

Lesley University’s new Ph.D. in counseling and psychology:
· Addresses an urgent need in society to incorporate transformative values and applied research objectives into mental health programs, schools, and higher education
· Emphasizes skills that deepen critical inquiry and enable students to articulate an area of study that is professionally meaningful and socially transformative
· Encourages fresh perspectives to counseling and psychology leadership, education, research, consulting, and social entrepreneurship
· Prepares you for career advancement in counseling and psychology that is enhanced and supported by a doctoral degree
This 48-credit program is designed for two years of coursework, as well as a third year of applied research and dissertation work. For more information, see http://www.lesley.edu/phd/counseling-and-psychology/