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How to Capture Still Images from Flip Video

How to Capture Still Images from Flip Video

  • Posted on: 13 August 2008
  • By: Colin

During my recent Videoblogging Production class, my students were interested in learning how to use their cameras to capture still images. Unfortunately, there is no way to capture stills directly onto the camera, as far as I can tell.

However, you can capture still images from your video by following these steps on a Mac:

1. Record video of the image you want to capture onto your Flip camera
2. Import the video onto your computer
3. Open video in QuickTime Pro
4. Find the frame in your video that you want to capture as a still image
5. Click anywhere on the frame with your mouse and pull it onto your desktop

This will create a QuickTime file on your desktop, entitled "Movie Clipping". Here are the final steps:

1. Open your Movie Clipping File in QuickTime Pro
2. Select File > Export > Movie to Picture
3. Select Options
4. Select Compression Type > Photo - JPEG > Click OK

That's it! Now you have a still image from your video file.

The image above is a still I created from a video I shot outside CCTV today.


Good to know. I am thinking about getting one of these cameras. Thanks for posting it.

wonderful. There is another easy way to capture still picture from flip video.
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