Paradise Shoot on Friday

Paradise Shoot on Friday

  • Posted on: 13 August 2008
  • By: therese

Hi team,

Thanks to everyone who offered to help out with the Paradise shoot this full mooned Friday night (Aug. 15th).

If you are planning to come on this shoot, we'll meet around 10:30pm. at CCTV and head over to the Paradise. We can aim to start the shoot around 11pm or so. If you're planning to hang out at the club beforehand, great! (Let me know because I might join you.) For those peeps, we'll just meet up at the club. Come out and look for CCTV people a little before 11pm.

Also, get a little dolled up if you're feelin it because people may be warmer to us if we look like we're part of the night life!


Here's my cell: 617-386-3008