Buzz, Ruby & Their City Chicks - Child's Photo Story Launch

Buzz, Ruby & Their City Chicks - Child's Photo Story Launch

Hundreds of Onlookers Watched the 2010 Saga of the Alewife Hawks, Now Immortalized in a Photo Story Book Designed to Teach Children Nature

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The true story of the Red-tail hawk family that lived on a ledge against an atrium of a tall office building across from the Fresh Pond Mall inspired poet and author, Wendy Drexler together with writer and co-author, Joan Fleiss Kaplan to produce a beautifully written and composed children's photo story book that not only tells a true and enthralling tale through words and authentic photos, but serves as a teaching tool that imparts two life-enhancing messages to our impressionable youths: good parenting in all animal species, including humans, gives their offspring the confidence and physical ability to take that first "leap" to independence; and that nature is wonderous even in unnatural settings. One merely has to look and hopefully develope a love for all living things.

This is a link to the invokation at the book launch by John Harrison. John contributed many striking photos used in this book and contacted the technical resource people needed to get it published:

Link to video of Wendy Drexler & Joan Kaplan's opening at the launch:

Link to authors reading with slides:

Links to hawk national expert, Paul Roberts update on Buzz and Ruby.

Link to Ernie Sarro addressing the launch participants. Ernie is the videographer that first documented the Red-tail family that drew attention to their nest. After a month in the hospital, Ernie convinced the wonderful doctors at BIDMC that he was ready to "fledge" the day before this special event:

This is a link to a very informative Belmont Wicked Local review of this children's book. Note: The book launch on this past November 6, 2016 was filled beyond capacity. Copy and paste to your browser:

This is a link to Amazon to view book details and reviews. Click on "Wendy Drexler and two more" above the book cover for the author's impressive profiles. Copy and paste to your browser:

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