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FreeGeek Boston . . . Please?

FreeGeek Boston . . . Please?

  • Posted on: 8 August 2008
  • By: Colin

Here's a terrific video produced for FreeGeek Chicago, which is . . .

"a not-for-profit community organization that recycles used computers and parts to provide functional computers, education, internet access and job skills training to the underserved communities of Chicago in exchange for community service."

This model of community-supported computer and broadband access would be awesome for the City of Cambridge.

Any takers?

Call me at 617-661-6900 and let's see if we can get something started here in Cambridge . . . I'm serious.


It is certainly not rare that I hear of people who are trying to figure out what to do with extra computer equipment. Generally though it needs more work/parts than I have time for or access to before it could be useful to another person. Implementing a FreeGeek system here in Cambridge though has the potential to solve those problems and meet a real need in our community. ::cue nostalgia:: Oh, how I miss those by-gone geeked-out overnights building my own computers, up to my elbows in NICs, RAM and Math co-processors. ...They still use those, right?

Anyway, I certainly see the challenges, but I think we're in the right type of community for this sort of initiative. Definitely worth taking a deeper look!!

I'd love to volunteer at and teach at a Free Geek Center.I volunteered and worked for Somerville Community Computing and Virtually Wired when they both existed so this would be a great thing. I also love the fact that FreekBoxes-the free computers that Free Geek gives away are open source Ubuntu Linux.I recently read an article about Free Geek Portland and was really jealous that we don't have one in MA. We need to desperately as a community build hackerspaces so that the East Coast can keep talented people here.So yes, I'd love to make this happen.

I'm ready! I've done a lot of freecycling of computers in the Boston area. I love it. I'd do it as a full-time job. is registered and ready. In addition, I'm interested in starting a worker-owned cooperative in Cambridge that does some FreeGeek-like things, but would mostly be focused on software development, programming educating, and skills training.

Email if you remain interested in Free Geek Boston, or otherwise. Thanks!

Andrew Collins

Hi Andrew,

I tried emailing this address and it bounced back - do you have another address? I'd love a little Geek help!

Thank you!