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Name a new park in Kendall Square

Name a new park in Kendall Square

One of the owners of Cambridge Research Park, the new development off Third Street in East Cambridge that includes the Genzyme building and the Kendall Square skating rink is asking for suggestions of names for the park to be constructed at the end of the Broad Canal. Approximately the area shown in blue on the picture. There will be a canoe and kayak launch and dock, a new boardwalk over parts of the canal and open space landscaped in the area north of the water. They have contracted with Sasaki Associates to design the space.

The current working name is Kendall Square Park. It does sound kind of dull and there is already that fountain and seating area right at the square.

Almost everything I come up with sounds like the name of a condo. I would like something with a reference too local geography or history. It is on the site of the old Cambridge Gas Light Company and next to the Broad Canal.

The best I can do right now is Broadside Plaza. I'll keep trying.

If you have any good ideas please put them in a comment and I will pass them along.



I like the sound of "Gaslight Canal Park."

Or, "Gaslight Canal at Kendall" Park

1. Old History Square Park

2. Kendall Monument canal park

3. Waterview canal park

4. Waterpark Square on the Canal

5. Kendall Canal waterfront park

6. Light Canal Park on Kendall