The Passing of Poet and humanitarian Maurice Lee Anderson

The Passing of Poet and humanitarian Maurice Lee Anderson

Who will replace Maurice Lee Anderson, mentor to writers of color in Cambridge?

  • Posted on: 2 November 2016
  • By: lynette

Maurice Lee Anderson, age 82, passed away on Sunday, Oct. 9 2016, formerly from Atlantic City, New Jersey and long-time Cambridge MA. resident and CCTV member.
He retired from Federal Government, veteran US Army. The UMass Boston grad and former teacher at the United South End Settlements Centre was a globe trotter-traveler.
Maurice had a charitable nature and volunteered for years in Cambridge at the Citywide Senior Center where he wrote personalized poems for the seniors there, as he also did for people who lived in his place of residence (Cambridgeport Apartments).

I did not know Maurice as well as others did, but my first encounter was at CCTV in 2009 when he assisted a group of producers who were filming original screen plays as part of "The Drama Club". I was directing my first screen play and was the recipient of Maurice's assistance with the loan of a much needed prop- an oversized Teddy Bear. He was not a participant but knew of our group's urgent need and came to our aid. This was for me a memorable gesture of kindness and support to others in accomplishing a task and a goal.
From that time onward,whenever he saw me, he would offer words of encouragement to me, by giving welcomed positive feedback on my Radio show at CCTV ,"The Callalloo Relationships Show".
Maurice was an amazing writer, and served as editor for many writers, and Co-founder of Writers of Color Workshop (Cambridge Public Library) .
One of Maurice’s stellar poems:

Writers of Color
We are the writers of Color.
Black, brown, beige of skin,
from rural routes, city streets
north, south, east, west of the world
are we.
As the singer is the song,
as the dancer is the dance,
the Word is us,
because the Word is in us.
No strangers to adversity,
in our diversity we dip our pens
into life’s rainbow wellspring
and write our prosetry
in the unashamed language of our peo-
We dare define, like our spiritual men
-those passed on and those keeping on-
the living history or our kind.
We are gospel and shout,
finger pops and bongo beats,
“toasting” and rap
as told through the scratch of our pens,
through the tap of our type.
We are Creation’s creators.
We give life and death to thoughts.
We conjure up reality
through the magic of our metaphors.
Some of our words
may never be known
-unread, unspoken on page or podium-
still, we write on,
because the Word is in us.
because the Word is us.

Maurice is survived by his nephew Ronald Spence and niece Charlita Baker, other relatives and friends and close-knit friends like Florence Grant and Philip Robinson.
Celebration of Maurice, billed “Open Mic for Maurice” was held at Cambridge Senior Center 806 Massachusetts Avenue Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016 1-3 PM. For additional information contact (617) 838-7597 /
Information submitted by Philip robinson
See file attachment for a Picture of Maurice Lee Anderson.

Lynette Laveau Saxe
Transformation Success Coach

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