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Put Your Community Issues On The Map

Put Your Community Issues On The Map

I have found the coolest web site that allows you to create some very interesting maps. You choose the area that you want to have shown from the Google Maps background. and add categorized markers to the locations that are relevant to the theme of your map. then you can add text, links, and photos. You can even add tour own images as markers, but they have to be pretty small. As you add markers, an index list forms in the lower right corner. As you run your cursor over the list, the names pop up next to that items marker on the map. You can also add paths and polygons that can display routes, distances, land parcels, districts,etc.

Using maps and pictures to communicate a large volume of information can be very effective. They are also very useful tools for analysis and planning.

The ease of use and versatility of this site has made it a favorite of mine.

Click the link to get to the site.
To find my maps type mhjaquith in the search box.


Mark, this is very cool.

You're map at is really fun to explore.

For someone who hasn't had a chance to spend much time walking around East Cambridge, yet, I am excited to visit the neighborhood after seeing your map.

It also takes CCTV's Media Map one step further by giving "users" (i hate the word) the chance to have their own personalized maps.

Thanks for sharing!