Hasson Rashid's Letter to Cambridge's New School Superintendant Dr. Salim!

Hasson Rashid's Letter to Cambridge's New School Superintendant Dr. Salim!

Explored the Possibility of Creating a "New Pilot Curriculum" in Cambridge MA School District on Homelessness and it Links to Poverty

  • Posted on: 25 October 2016

Peace and Sanity Be Unto You,

Dear Cambridge at Large,

I have a matter of urgency to share with you, recently I e-mailed the new superintendent of the Cambridge School District Dr. Salim, for the purpose of making a innocent public citizen inquiry. He entered office with manifesto that pertain to being open and receptive to the need of the school district and its citizenry, or something to that fact. As of yet he has not answered my e-mail inquiry and request. I'm curious as to if he has any intended commitments to the districts homeless sector and mosaic. My communications was about as proposal to that explored the possibility of creating a "New Pilot Curriculum" in our school district on homelessness and it links to poverty. i understand from reilable sources that there is a flood of federal mandates deciphering down from Washington, DC to all the United states school district concerning Homeliness initiatives, etc. Well anyway, I like to share with you the text of my communication, Dr. Salim shouldn't start off his tenure in the school district by dodging innocent citizen inquiries and request, i appreciate it if he were more prompt in responding to me and others of the citizenry. The e-mail and the Letter addressing the Homelessness Pilot Curriculum is as follows:

My E-MAIL to Dr. Salim:::
Peace and Sanity Be Unto To You,

I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside in Cambridge, MA. I’ reaching out to you and your office for advise on how, I can proceed with an idea to create a New Pilot Curriculum on Homelessness and how it links to Poverty. I would like the City and School Committee of Cambridge, MA to address the idea, of piloting a New Pilot Curriculum that will link Homelessness to Poverty. Education is crucial for getting ahead in life, making good, and being respected.The enactment of a pilot curriculum that will help bring awareness of the links between Homelessness and Poverty, and help in ensuring that homeless educational rights are observed and respected, in the Cambridge, MA. I’m also exploring how to apply this idea statewide. I have already address Cambridge City Council and its School Committee, concerning my wish for a New Pilot Curriculum the will link Homelessness to Poverty. Anything of value that you can add to my wishes, will be more than appreciated. I have attached a rough draft for the above idea, if it interest you in anyway please get back to me, and tell me about. Thank you.

( My New Pilot Curriculum( Linking Homelessness to Poverty) Letter to Dr. Salim):::

Peace and Sanity Be Unto You,

Historically, the experiences of homelessness in the United States (US) of America (USA), has been excluded from the environment of formal educational learning. Mainly, because an appropriate curriculum, depicting the history and domestic life experiences of homelessness, has been non-existent in the formal educational arena and learning environments. This new proposed pilot curriculum must have components that deconstruct those concepts that are destructive to one’s effective academic development and empowerment.

This means that students must know how homelessness in the United States of America came to be, and how those experiencing homelessness spend their time. Telling the story in this manor will probably offend the sensibilities of some, who feel that such a story is not appropriate for the young and some of the old. To understand this story the story of the US’s historic relationship to peoples of homelessness, is necessary to create a context for what constitute unique educational needs.Such stories of homelessness are not unique to the US’s experiences, but this is an important part of education, locally, statewide, and nationally. For US students to began to learn about homelessness experiences in such away, sets a context for appropriate education.

There should be no hesitation in adoption by our educational and municipal policy makers, and in teaching, and describing early and thoroughly, the outcome of what the homelessness experience has been locally, statewide, and nationally, etc. There is no reason why students shouldn’t be formally taught to know about the history and knowledge, of the homelessness experience in the US, etc., in order to be effectively educated, and this is the major focus of this newly proposed model pilot curriculum.

• To serve as an educational vehicle by which conscious knowledge is transmitted.
• Real education and what it is supposed to do.
• Correction of the flaws and fallacies, in the educational system that pertains to homelessness.
• Reveal the hidden fact, and develop a compelling argument that begins to include those crucial pieces, which have been excluded from the educational system in regards to homelessness.
• Add the history and experience, on homelessness that have been excluded from the educational and learning environment in the US, etc.
• Build respect for the autonomy of the homelessness sector and mosaic through formal education.
• Building of a functional and correct, formal education on homelessness in the US (locally, statewide, nationally).
• Promoting the welfare of all peoples, and advancing the critical growth of education and knowledge about homelessness.
• Education to advance the well being of the peoples involved in the process.
• Offering new information and innovative, information about homelessness that has been excluded or distorted in the existing educational arenas ( local, statewide, nationally).
• Counter earlier errors, remain true to the particular interest of a special group of learners and offer a balance perspective that permits education and knowledge to grow.
• Homelessness centric education, critical through the educational ideas of holistic contributions, ultimately brought into balance through the studies, with a more universal perspective.
• Development of an appropriate pilot curriculum on homelessness, with links to poverty for the academic and educational arena.
• Inclusion of studies on homelessness into the current local educational system.
• Fair and equitable information on homelessness that the arena of ideas, in the current educational system doesn’t have.
• The proposed new pilot curriculum to represent, a kind of synthesis that ultimately advances education and knowledge, as a more accurate portrayal of what is truth.
• The proposed new pilot curriculum as the introduction of information that permits students, and the school district to see the presence of homelessness in our midst, that expands awareness of what is obviously true.
• The proposed new pilot curriculum on homelessness, linking to poverty, a unique contribution to the development of education and knowledge, for all humanity.

There is room for this kind of pilot curriculum in our local school district’s educational system. This kind of academic and educational achievement can only come from the kind of educational system that is able to see broadly from more than one perspective. This new approach to education about homelessness, should not only enhance the education of our local school district here in Cambridge Massachusetts, but it should offer some new and more effective models for the education of peoples in general. The new pilot curriculum will hold concepts from a holistic paradigm that could benefit all students in the USA.
It will be an example of how a contribution to overall growth of human knowledge and education, is made from this approach. The new proposed pilot curriculum will have components, that deconstruct the concepts, that are destructive to one’s effective development and empowerment.

Finally, the expansion of the story about homelessness in the Untied States of America, into the universal story of all humanity, is the ultimate responsibility that our local school district’s educational system must afford, and this becomes the role of our local school and municipal policy makers, to help in the integration of the unique experiences of those affected by homelessness, into the universal human experiences. Therefore, the proposed new pilot curriculum on homelessness, linked to poverty, will become part of the search for universal truth, that is a part of the task for our local school district and municipal policy makers, and members of our right thinking public humanity at large.
Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
Cambridge, MA

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Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
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