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OPENAIR Circus Was Last Weekend

OPENAIR Circus Was Last Weekend

Check out the Circus web site by clicking this link:

The picture is a 3 second exposure of Alien John's LED "fire twirling" performance.

That's right The OPENAIR Circus is done for this year. Internationally known as the best circus in Somerville. Started 22 years ago by Somerville State Senator Pat Jehlen, this non-profit group will offer acts including jugglers, unicyclists, poi, devil sticks, diabolo, stilting, stage combat, and more. Performers range in age from toddlers to grandparents. While I have described some of the toddler acts as a bunch of kids running around, falling over, and dropping things, there will be some very talented people on stage. Teachers include local performance artist Ian Thal (Miming & Commedia dell'arte), members of the Extra Terrestrial Circus Experiment (Hoops, Spheres, Hats, Juggling, Unicycling), and ringleader - I mean Ringmaster Peter Jehlen.


The Circus offers classes in June & July and then puts on the big show in early August. Kids and adults can take classes and it is the biggest bargain in town.