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DIY Video For Nonprofits Series, Part 3: Editing and Sharing Your Video

DIY Video For Nonprofits Series, Part 3: Editing and Sharing Your Video

Learn how to use the resources you have available, including your own staff, to create videos for your Nonprofit.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

DIY Video For Nonprofits Series - Sign Up for One Session or All Three

Individual Session $20/$40, Package (3 Sessions) $45/$100

Nonprofits are faced with distinct marketing challenges throughout the year: How do you reach your customers and donors in a meaningful way, but with a limited budget? This series of workshops will provide your staff with the ability to create promotional videos entirely internally using the resources you have available to you - such as cell phones, point-and-shoot cameras, available lighting, and free editing software.

DIY Video For Nonprofits, Part 1: What Story Will You Tell?
Wednesday, November 2, 10am - 12pm

Part 1 of the workshop asks, what story will you tell? A compelling video always tells a story; in this first session we will look at what makes a good narrative and how to plan for a short but sweet video that sheds light on your organization.

DIY Video For Nonprofits, Part 2: Essentials of Video and Lighting
Wednesday, November 9, 10am - 12pm

Part 2 of the workshop will cover the essentials of making a video: Filming with your smartphone or other available cameras, recording good sound, and lighting your video.

DIY Video For Nonprofits, Part 3: Editing and Sharing Your Video
Wednesday, November 16, 10am - 12pm

Part 3 of the workshop focuses on post-production: Importing and managing your video files, editing your video with free software, exporting, and sharing online.

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