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Selected Nuclear Web Sites

Selected Nuclear Web Sites

Nuclear Article sites:
1. University reactors & terrorism 2/08
# Story Highlights
# Congressional report: University-based nuclear reactors at risk for terrorism
# Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Report is flawed, attack scenarios highly unlikely
# There are 37 research reactors in the United States
# Report identifies potential shortcomings at some of the reactors investigators visited
on MIT error 1/08

Palo Verde:
30.4 million megawatts of power, largest in country, serves 4 Mill. with elect. since ’88

Palo Verde's selection was questionable. The land selected was not the primary site, because it was in the middle of nowhere, had no water supply, and put the Phoenix-Metro area into jeopardy in the event of even a minor accident, because of the prevailing easterly winds, would endanger the capital. However, the site did have one major attraction. The owner of the land was a relative of Keith Turley, who received almost $2 million for the land. Keith Turley was the president of APS, and a member of the Phoenix 40.[8]

Uses 20 bill gallons of recycled sewage/year. produces 3.2 GW, 2003: or 3(1.24GW) max operating at 70-95% capacity.

Problems at Palo Verde 2003-8: being fixed:

Cool pic & probs at MIT reactor:
Lester of MIT on need for nuclear energy, 7/14/08

In an interview with the Herald yesterday, Mr Gore said it would be too expensive and would threaten the world's safety through possible weapons proliferation. "Early in my career I was enthusiastic about nuclear power. I'm not now," the climate campaigner said in Sydney.

"I'm not an automatic opponent to any nuclear power plants [but] I think that a realistic view is that they will play only a small and limited role. The reason why they're likely to play only a limited role is mainly economic." Re; Accident release @ MIT, 1983
2005 story on MIT reactor probs.
Overhead map of reactor & some surrounding bldgs, ID’d
ABC 2005 story on reactor
2007 story on accident at MIT reactor -
Research at reactor to ’93
list of reactors & sites’
MIT Energy Initiative--to use Reactor to study next generation of nuclear power.