'Tribute To Prince Buster-Madness Show' is Done!...

'Tribute To Prince Buster-Madness Show' is Done!...

Finally!...The Show is done. I mentioned it earlier in a blog, telling you it would be up on the Channels soon. Well, it's done. Yes, DONE!..Renato will put it into the program channels schedule for sometime in April 2010. Watch for it! Title: 'Angel7Productions: Tribute to Prince Buster-Part One'. Or something like that. Renato says I always make long titles, so he may change it. I do make long titles; probably because I don't want you to miss out on watching it. Anyway, if you like SKA music, you will love this piece. It's filled with it. Great musicians from all over New England came together to make 'The Foundation Rockers-All Star Band', and they are what I say they are. Would an Angel Lie about that?! Of course not. So keep checking the channels to find the schedule. Renato says: 'About time!'

I am currently working on Part Two, as we write-speak. Well, I will be when I stop writing. There are two more Guest Singers in Part Two: 'Flex Murder' (don't worry. He won't hurt anyone. He just kills with his singing abilities. Sorta.), and Local Artist, who drives the Green and White Taxi Cabs: 'Skiffington', (Skiffy, to most people who know him). Skiffington, has been in the Reggae Scene for a very long time, in Cambridge. Performing many years at the Western Front Club, on Western Ave, in Cambridge, MA. 'Flex Murder', is from Boston, and can be found performing with 'Hot Like Fire Band'. Delight-fully Funny young man.

Well got to get back to my Editing, or Part Two will never get done. I don't live here, so, you know how it is!

Peace Out!

P.S. I am also working on a short piece for my Blogger too. So, I will let you'al know when it is ready.