Jazz Reel (Assaf Kehati trio, Carl Clements Quartet)

Jazz Reel (Assaf Kehati trio, Carl Clements Quartet)

---- Music: Todidido by Assaf Kehati ---- Musicians: Assaf Kehati (Guitar), Noam Wiesenberg (Bass), Billy Hart (Drums) ---- Produced, Directed, Edited by Daniel Jacobs ---- Live Sound: Josh Driscoll ---- Post Production Sound: Dan Jeffs ---- Cameras: Buzz Owen, Monika Fimpel, Daniel Jacobs ------- THE CARL CLEMENTS QUARTET LIVE @ THE BEEHIVE ---- Music: Bubbles by James Stewardson, The Moon At The Window by Carl Clements, Fools and Kings by Carl Clements ---- Musicians: Carl Clements (Saxophone), Jamie Stewardson (Guitar), Kendall Eddy (Bass), Austin McMahon (Drums) ---- Produced, Directed, Edited by Daniel Jacobs ---- Sound mix to Mono by Bruce Ferrara ---- Post Production Sound: Daniel Jacobs ---- Cameras: Monika Fimpel, Buz Owen, Christine Luigi


Why is the music scene in Boston (and the rest of the world) for the most part segregated?

I’m not sure how to answer this question. You might be able to write a doctoral thesis on the subject. I think if you did serious research you would come to a very nuanced understanding of the matter.

In my experience as a musician I’ve found a separation of races in music of specific genres, but on a whole I would say that the music community is quite integrated. Jazz and classical seem to be more integrated than folk, rock, rap, hip hop and soul, but there are quite a few examples in all areas of music where integration exists to varying degrees, whether it be within backing bands or the front people and audiences.

Having said this, I have noticed that, in general, many times, different cultural groups gravitate toward different musical expressions. Many times people play music with life long friends or people who live in their neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods in the US are close to mono-racial. In my experience, traveling throughout the country and world as a musician, I’ve seen and experienced a large amount of integration in a lot of musical environments. I do recognize though, that when I go to rock and folk shows, most of the audience members, and most of the performers are white, and although I have never been to a hip hop event, I have recognized, while cable casting that most, but not all of Tyrone's guests on "What up dun" and Bodega's guests on "Tell em Why You're hot" are afro-american. .

The bands I’ve videoed lately are either integrated or I know them to have very strong music associations and histories with a variety of cultures and races. The Assaf Kehati trio consisted of two Israeli's and an Afro-American. The members of the Lionel Loueke trio were of different races from Africa, Italy and Hungary. Carl Clements is writing a doctoral thesis on ethno-musicology focused on Bonsuri (indian flute). He regularly travels to India where he performs with a number of musicians from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. He also performs in the United states with musicians from all over the world and all races. If you look at the ethnic make up the student body at Berkeley and the New England Conservatory I'm sure you will find a variety of races represented in large numbers. If I remember correctly the Boston Symphony Orchestra is multi-racial, but the Majority of the audience members are usually caucasian. I thing the bands on all of the late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live are multi-racial. Many of the International stars of all races have backing bands representing a variety of races.

Having said all this, I understand where you are coming from. In many ways it is a very confusing subject. There are a lot of shades of gray.

I personally feel that the way in which we are most the same is that we are all different. I find value in diversity. We can only grow by learning things we don't know and by encountering and exploring viewpoints we haven't previously had the opportunity or compunction to ponder. I love listening to and learning from all types of music from all over the world, by musicians from all walks of life. It has amazed me, that every where i go I find fantastic musicians that no one outside of small communities will ever know about.

Sorry I have been so long winded in my response, but in examining my own experience of the subject I find a lot of interesting contradictions.

Have a good one.