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New park under construction in 02141

New park under construction in 02141

Cambridge Community Development Department has begun building the Painted Park. It is an extension of Costa Lopez Taylor Park at the corner of Lopez and Charles. We will be getting benches and tables, community garden plots, and what looks to be some nice landscaping. It will be nice to have a pretty place to sit and chat while the kids climb The Gnoat the playground. The rest of the park is getting a face lift too.You can already make out the layout of the new pathways that will form the design of the new addition.

A neighbor saved some pieces if the painted pavement and we hope to get them installed as a tribute to the community members who helped make this park happen. See my previous entry for more info.Construction begins at The Painted Park

Here is a link to the Community development Department's description page for this project.
CDD Lopez Ave. Park Project