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Radio Ruminations

Radio Ruminations

The final session of the first Radio Journalism class at CCTV met last night. Some students (me, for example!!!) still have work to do on their projects, but they all seem to be coming together very well. After the class, we talked about how great it would be to build out CCR (Cambridge Community Radio, aka the radio station that broadcasts shows on CCTV's television channels), maybe by starting some sort of collaboration with a university or another community organization. I thought I'd use this space to get people's thoughts. Obviously radio is not a priority at a community television station, but CCTV is really embracing the convergence of all media, so why not step up the radio station? We have some great sound recording gear like the Marantz recorder and audio editing software such as Audacity, but the radio room itself could probably use a makeover. do you create a podcast on this website? First of all, I found out that you need special audio uploading privileges, which you can request from an administrator/staff member. Then your file needs to be in mp3 format. After that, uploading an audio node should be a pretty straight forward process. I hope people try out this function and experiment with audio in general. Once we show off all the great content that came out of the radio class, maybe we can make a case for invading the airwaves.


Back when the FCC opened up the possibility of applying for low power radio licenses, we looked into getting one for CCTV. Two things stopped us: no available bandwidth in our area, and the fact that whatever is broadcast through the airwaves is subject to FCC content regulation! You can imagine how tricky that would be to deal with at CCTV!

But if people are interested in doing podcasts on our website and continuing to do cable radio, that's very cool.

I am curious about what, specifically, we need in the radio room...