Prospect and Hampshire Street Historical Site of Clement Morgan Terribly Negated

Prospect and Hampshire Street Historical Site of Clement Morgan Terribly Negated

City of Cambridge and it's Historical Commission Neglect Upkeep of Great Black American

  • Posted on: 2 February 2016

Peace Be Unto You,
In the past I have made several attempts to bring attention to the deteriorating site at Prospect and Hampshire Street, where a historical plaque is placed in honor of the late and great Harvard University educated Black American Mr. Clement Morgan. There are approximately ten trees at this site, and they are all dieing, the ground at this site has been covered with a black oily tar substance. I approached the city council several months ago, and pleaded with them to restore the dieing tress and grass at the site. Also I submitted a project idea to the last round of the Participatory Budgeting(PBP) competition and process, and also failed to obtain significant results from them that would correct this infrastructure concern. The city is constantly going on the record bragging about what they are doing in the upkeep of its natural resources, such as trees, water, and other aspects of the municipal infrastructure. Clement Morgan was the first Black American to hold a seat in what was know then in the late 1800s as city council member or alderman. A brief historical account of the life of Clement Morgan was feature recently by NeighborMedia at CCTV. It read as follows:

The Clement G. Morgan Park, built between Columbia Street and Pine Street, was named in honor of Clement G. Morgan, a long time resident of Inman Square.

Before Clement G. Morgan’s life began in Cambridge, he was born in 1859 to slave parents and after abolition moved to Washington D.C. for high school. He worked in the barber trade and then taught in African-American schools in St. Louis for four years.

In 1883, Morgan moved to Boston where he attended Boston Latin School for two year and graduated with high honors. An education at Harvard brought him to Cambridge. He used scholarship money and barber earnings to pay his way, and before graduating became the first African-American orator, which he won by one vote.

Morgan continued his education at Harvard Law School, and became the first African-American man to hold a degree from both Harvard College and Harvard Law.

A republican, Morgan was the first African-American man to serve on the Board of Alderman for Cambridge from 1897-1899. Morgan also served on the republican city committee for 14 years, was one of the founders of the Niagara Movement, and a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). In addition to his political service, Morgan also owned his own law practice.

Clement G. Morgan resided on Columbia Street and then Prospect Street up until his death on June 1, 1929. The park in Area 4 of Inman Square was named in his honor.

The location of the current park was once a gas station until the 1950s. The park was built in an effort to clean up Inman Square. It was completed in October 2008. Two years later, the Anthony Paolillo Tot Lot was built as a space for children to play beside the Clement G. Morgan Park.

Anthony Paolillo died at age 89 on July 14, 2015. He was the Chief of the Cambridge Police Department and lived most of his life on Tobey Road.
SOURCE: Becky Shea, NeighborMedia, CCTV Cambridge,MA

I have went on record before accusing the city council of being affected by "Blind Arrogance" when it came to issues and concerns, relating to the the Homeless and other Poor Peoples of Color. Its a crying shame that such a great Black American figure,who played a great part in the early history of Cambridge, when it wasn't unfavorable for Black peoples to aspire for greatness. For what it's worth, this great Black American memory is being trashed, when it comes to the maintenance and up keep of this historical plaque site. In the fashion describe here in this article, by namely our so-called policy makers and historical administrators. I truly believe that none of our present city council members,etc. can walk a mile in the shoes of Mr. Clement Morgan, and I know that many in Cambridge feel the same way as I do about Mr. Clement Morgan, especially since it is Black History month 2016.


FEBRUARY 2, 2016
SOURCE: Becky Shea, NeighborMedia, CCTV Cambridge,MA