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Update on The City Council Election – The Final Few Weeks (November 1)

Update on The City Council Election – The Final Few Weeks (November 1)

The Last Week of the Election Campaign Offered New Information on Political Alliances

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The election campaign in Cambridge continues "up to the wire" of Tuesday November 3.
Here is a list of the City Council candidate forums and sponsoring organizations :

October 6 Ward 6 Democratic Committee .....
October 7 East Cambridge Planning Team Part 1; Part 2 on October 13 .....
October 14 Green Cambridge .....
October 15 A Better Cambridge .....
October 18 Black Lives Matter .....
October 20 Porter Square / ANC .....
October 22 Area4/The Port Coalition ....
October 29 CEOC/ACT
[Events October 6-20 can be viewed at .... ]

November 3 is election day, with polls open 7 AM to 8 PM Ballot counting begins at the Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Avenue, after the polls close and will continue on Nov 4 between 9AM and 5 PM. Counting of Overseas Absentee Ballots and Provisional Ballots will be done of November 13. As occurred in 2013, it is possible to demand a recount if there is a close finish around 9th and 10th place. In 2013, five candidates finished very close to one another.

One forum that received little attention was the CEOC and ACT event of October 29. (Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee and Alliance of Cambridge Tenants). Attendees reported that two members of the Unity Slate of incumbent Councillors offered combative comments which seemed far from encouraging unity, and were seen as unduly harsh and accusatory. Many of the attendees were low income residents and subsidized tenants, and the puzzlement was that a belligerent approach could hardly be an ideal way to win votes.

The Unity Slate has retained the services of a campaign consultant. Whether or not the consultant is encouraging a belligerent approach to Cambridge elections is yet to be revealed, but the original formation of the Unity Slate as an oasis of confidence and togetherness seems to have eroded in recent weeks and may suggest an uncertainty about ultimate victory for the coalition.

Critics have suggested that there seemed to be no valid reason to try to win over John Sanzone from a slate organized by Nadeem Mazen. However, there could be three reasons for this strategy. One is to seek to undermine the Mazen slate and reduce chances of election for its members .... Another is to build up the Unity slate so that it includes non-incumbents and younger candidates. If there is a voter revolt against incumbents, new candidates who are eliminated early can give their transfers to incumbents. .... A third reason is to gain Sanzone as a bonafide pro-development candidate, because he is a real estate agent and has an active real estate blog. His position on development would seem to match closely with that of the Unity Slate.

More importantly Sansone represents a pro-Green posture that might appeal to Cambridge liberals and moderate Democrats. His real estate venture called Sanzone and Park announces its purpose as follows :

"Sanzone and Park is a partnership built on a transformational ethos,
that the real estate industry can be open source, and that real estate
professionals should provide distinctive services and resources beyond
sales expertise. Our team has a devotion to placemaking and place,
advocating for livable public spaces and streets, and developing widespread
appreciation for the historical urban envelopes in the areas we serve.
We are students of society and social relationships, and are always eager
to deploy our diverse backgrounds in law, design, language, and history
(among many other areas of interest), to bring truly full service to our clients.


We are, at our core, a full service sales team at Lembu Real Estate---
Cambridge's top-rated brokerage. We are disciplined negotiators with
an expert read on the local market. With a relentless attention to detail,
our sales expertise ranges from property renovations to transaction
management. We attentively refine our internal training models and
transactional systems, which utilize all the latest and best technology
platforms, like Evernote, Freshbooks, Google Drive, and Docusign.
Continually developing efficient means of delivering clear, readable
analysis, and mechanisms for client guidance, translates into
broad-based client support systems.

Listing expertise. When listing properties for sale, we are driven by the
opportunity to capture the highest value in a given market. The graphic
design experts and creative consultants at Group Project Design facilitate
our delivery of a contemporary and effective property marketing presence
for every property we list for sale. The Creative Ward provides our
professional photographs and architectural-style floor plans. Our in-house
team has an expertise in architectural and design literacy, property staging,
and public relations. Our team also includes a dedicated interior design
and contemporary style expert. Our network includes top local attorneys
and financial professionals for the full range of real estate-related needs.

Developers and Institutions. The Sanzone and Park team offers professional
consulting services for developers and institutions concerning property use,
market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, renovation, development, and
redevelopment. Deliverables might include narrative appraisals, proposed
use analyses, and planning strategies. We are also equipped to develop
large-scale marketing and sales services, and to manage ultimate
disposition including property management or multi-unit/multi-phase sales."
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No further candidate forums are planned before Tuesday's vote, and there should be no further expectations of major last minute campaign shifts.

During the vote counts, starting at 8 PM Tuesday, citizens can watch the results evolve by tuning in to : [ ]