Bandwidth FAQ

Bandwidth FAQ


Q) What is Bandwidth?

A) Visit the main page or email with questions.

Q) What is CCTV?

A) Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) is a non-profit organization that provides a public forum for all Cambridge residents, businesses and organizations through public access television and media education. CCTV operates cable channels 9, 10, and 22 in the City of Cambridge. For more info on our channels and programming, click here.

Q) As a artist/band/composer, will I be contacted if my music is used?

A) Although we strongly encourage each video producer to contact the artist directly when their music is used, CCTV cannot guarantee that you will be notified. We do, however, require every video producer that uses your music to list you and your song/composition in the credits section of their video.

Q) My lyrics contain profanity, is that a problem?

A) CCTV respects both the free speech rights of individuals and community concerns. In practice, programs containing adult material are scheduled between 10pm and 6am. If you have the option of submitting a version of your song without profanity, it may reach a wider audience.

Q) Who needs to sign the Bandwidth Agreement Form?

A) Anyone and everyone who holds applicable copyrights. This may include, but is not limited to, lyricists, composers, publishing companies, and/or recording labels. Bandwidth exists primarily to connect unsigned, independent artists with videomakers, and to give those artists more exposure. In those cases, only the songwriters/composers need to sign.

Q) What types of music are you looking for?

A) We want whatever type of music you are making. There may be a community video producer who thinks your music is exactly the right thing for their project.

Q) Can I submit my music via email?

A) Unfortunately, not at this point. We want to have a full-quality audio CD on file for each artist/band/composer.

Q) Are there other opportunities to gain exposure for my music on CCTV?

A) We have over 100 different prerecorded programs and around 50 live programs each week. Many show producers are eager to have musical guests on their programs.