Vote 1 Ilan Candidate Video intro

Vote 1 Ilan Candidate Video intro

Together Rebuilding Democracy, check out my short intro video, thx Natalie

Here is my 5 minutes intro. Despite all that's being said by the other candidates, no real change can occur in Cambridge without a change of our system of governance. Under Plan E the city manager controls the purse, and whenever he dislikes something can say it will result in residential tax hike, which no elected councilor would be willing to back.
We need to bring back Democracy to Cambridge, NOW! (September 22nd, 2015)

Eight years ago was a part of the original group at Neighbor Media, and we had to do a short intro…
Damn this is too good I wish I could have them one next to another… (October 5, 2007)

Do watch both, it really offers a good contrast of past and present, I never starting expose Cambridge would lead me to running a campaign to bring back Democracy to Cambridge.

I had a not so good day today… people I thought had back, actually don't have my back… this kind of cheered me up.