Friday's Cafe by Rev Kate Layzer, An amazing example of community builing

Friday's Cafe by Rev Kate Layzer, An amazing example of community builing

An amazing example of community building through respect and inclusiveness

Last Friday, I spend 2 hours at the Friday Cafe.

The Friday Cafe was started by Rev Kate Layzer check out the Cambridge Chronicle article (, it’s an amazing place. Rev Layzer, has created a space where unhoused and housed people can come together and share a meal, food is donated by area businesses. I and other volunteers spend the first 1 hour prepping the space, setting up tables and chairs, and the food, buffet style, making sure everything was comfortable for the guests to come. Once the door open people, unhoused and housed people, started flocking in. They went and helped themselves of food, and sat down at the table of their choice. I spent the next hour at a table talking with people. The atmosphere was very relaxed. The amazing thing Rev Layzer has done is offer a space where everyone is treated equally and with respect. One of the guest told me, the main reason he comes to the Friday Cafe is because Rev Layzer has listened to the concerns of the unhoused. They are not treated like cattle, or with disrespect, Rev Layzer has listen to their needs and concerned, and tried to address them. In the space, she has set up beds so people can take a nap in a secure and warm environment. There is space for people to leave their stuff without fear of them being stolen or disappearing. People can sit where they want, henceforth avoid the people they don’t get along with. There is plenty of space at the tables, you don’t feel cramped. Every thing is very clean. All this creates an environment where all feel welcome and respected. It feels like a ‘normal’ cafe, not like a shelter, and you can feel the ease and comfort everyone is experiencing. It was an honor to meet all the people I met there, I’ll be going back.

The work Rev. Layzer is doing underlines how important it is to listen to what people are telling you. It is the foundation which brings about respect, and the basis for establishing strong long lasting relationships, the building block of communities. Rev Layzer Friday’s Cafe is an example of community building, and inclusiveness. It is a reminder that we better not judge, but listen, to bring about the changes necessary for building strong and humane communities.

Thank you Rev Lazyer for your amazing work.

If you have time volunteer to help Rev Lazyer, you can find out more by checking these link out:
or on facebooké-771420009578504/timeline/

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