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Programming Highlights: Week of 6/6/15 – 6/12/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 6/6/15 – 6/12/15

Stand Against Racism. Plus, Health and Wellness Marathon, Riverfest, and Cambridge Faces + Places.

  • Posted on: 6 June 2015
  • By: Maggie

Get pumped for River Fest on Saturday June 6 with a glance back at the 1990 festival, 25 years ago, on Channel 8 at 9:44am. Enjoy other River Festival-related footage on Channel 8 throughout the day, or get outside and enjoy the real thing at this year's event, 12-6pm on Mass Ave between Prospect and Sydney Streets. Make sure to stop by to say hello to CCTV staff at our booth outside our location at 438 Mass Ave.

Meanwhile, Saturday on Channel 9 is dedicated to Health and Medicine: Beginning at noon, hear Ellen Kagan's story about her cancer treatment and misdiagnosis. Other topics throughout the day include the debate on medical marijuana at 1pm, food allergies at 3:40pm, and genetically modified foods at 5pm. Learn about Cambridge activities to help you maintain an active lifestyle at 7pm. Then, drug companies and the marketing campaigns that sustain them at 8pm, natural birth at 11pm, and acupuncture at 11:30pm.

Last week, CCTV's Susan Fleischmann interviewed Jiuan Ng and Judy Chien from Tzu Chi, an international Buddhist charitable organization, about the Nepal earthquake relief efforts and what folks in Cambridge can do to contribute. If you missed the live broadcast, tune in to watch June 6 on Channel 96 at 12:30pm, June 7 on Channel 9 at 12pm, or June 10 on Channel 9 at 11:30am.

Cambridge's Stand Against Racism 2015 took place in April at the YWCA, as part of national campaign for racial justice. Watch out community's discussion on racism — what it means, what its implications are, and how to get involved to combat it — June 6 on Channel 96 at 4pm, June 7 on Channel 9 at 12:45pm, June 9 on Channel 9 at 10am, and June 12 on Channel 96 at 8pm.

On Friday, June 12, tune in to Channel 9 to watch the latest episode of Cambridge Faces + Places. CCTV's Maggie Duffy interviews local business owners and operators in Cambridge, discussing the passions, challenges and rewards of being a part of the city's unique economy. This episode features Alexis Brinkmann, of Cambridge Local First, who discusses the vibrant, diverse local economy, some fabulous spots to soak up local culture and cuisine, and the measurable benefits to local economy of local first organizations like CLF.