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Bay State Forum Episode 3: The MBTA

Bay State Forum Episode 3: The MBTA

A public affairs program - this episode is about the MBTA

  • Posted on: 22 May 2015
  • By: Susan

This past winter we saw brutal winter storms that brought the MBTA and its commuter rail system to a standstill for weeks on end. The T is the 5th largest public transit system in the nation and Boston boasts that it is a world class city. Yet this past winter we couldn’t get the trains to run -----let alone run on time.

Some people say the problem is chronic bad management and bloated unions , some say we need more money pure and simple- and there is no such thing as a free ride! Our show today takes a hard look at the T by a group of experts who are ready to tell us what has to be done to make this system a whole lot better.

Our guests are the former three term Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis who has always been a strong advocate for public transit, Charles Chieppo, Principal at Chieppo Strategies and a Senior Fellow at the Pioneer Institute, Greg Sullivan, former MA Inspector General and the Director of Research at the Pioneer Institute, and Jeffrey Mullan, former Secretary of Transportation in the Patrick Administration and a partner once again at the law firm FoleyHoag.