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Digital Divide Steering Committee Minutes

Digital Divide Steering Committee Minutes

  • Posted on: 16 May 2008
  • By: Colin

I. Preliminary Post-Assessment Results

• Competency numbers (comfort with use of technology, etc.) are higher than pre-assessment
• 6 people out of 25 responded that they could not connect to the wireless network at Newtowne Court. But the call center has since worked with them.
• Most people felt that they received enough training, however people who had little or no training coming into the program responded that they did not receive enough training from this program (committee agreed that three trainings were not enough)
• However, a few people said they have sought extra training (e.g., at CLC) since the end of our training program.
• Most people said they would recommend the program to someone else

II. Call Center

• There have been the same two students every week running the call center, It’s been a learning experience. Students have been very responsive. Half of the calls coming into the center have been hardware related and the other half wireless/network related. Beginners (participants with less computer/Internet experience) were calling more.
• Call center students are both coming to ITD this summer
• Colin and Linda can work on setting up a new call center phone number at ITD over the summer
• Colin can talk to Mike A. about when RSTA ends
• Summer call center at ITD will be staffed until Sept. 1
• Summer call center hours beginning July 1: Mon-Thurs 2 hours a day 1-3PM

III. Wireless Network

• Two new gateways (antennas) will be installed on roofs 12 & 32 next week.
• Areas for Improvement: Buildings 2-10 & 33-36.
• We will monitor coverage before and after new antennas go up
We need to communicate with families that they still might not be able to get on even after the new antennas go up – purpose is to lower expectations in case technology does not work right away
• We need commitment from families to keep the nodes plugged in
Who will manage the network after this program ends on Sept 1?
• ITD is not planning on taking the nodes back at the end of this program
• ITD will continue to monitor the network if the nodes are down

IV. June 2 Celebration

• Schedule 4:30-5:30

V. Next Steps

• Who will manage the network after Sept 1?
• What needs to happen in order to create a sustainable network for Newtowne Court residents?
• Committee Hearing sometime after June 2 - committee will speak with Henrietta about next steps
• (CCTV) Interested in directing people to more training and CCTV facilities to connect residents to media production opportunities
• Tying this program to technology that might be changing is a difficult task
• Outreach to Newtowne Court residents to involve families in the decision making processes around the wifi network, particularly regarding next steps


Colin, thanks for your posting. I look forward to hearing a more thorough debrief on the experience, and in particular, feedback from the participants about their use of their computers and sense of comptence. Is there a scheduled meeting of our committee or is the celebration the next and only scheduled event? (remind me -- is the celebration on june 2 at 4:30 pm at City Hall?)

Yes the June 2 event is the next thing we have scheduled, and we do have to schedule a general meeting....

Thanks for doing the digital divide. It is a great program. A wonderful opportunity for Newtowne Court tenants. If I can help in anyway, let me know.
Rhonda McPherson

Rhonda, you are an integral part of its success and will continue to be - thanks so much for staying involved. We are hoping for more and more connection with Newtowne Court residents.