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Some news about my Intership

Some news about my Intership

  • Posted on: 13 May 2008
  • By: ines


I have not written in my blog for long time ago, and i have some news to tell you.

Since now, i am going to help Renato with the promos. We have already think how and what are we want to shoot and the first two promos will shoot next Friday. I like working on this because is a project from the beginning and it includes some production work, and that it's what really like doing. So i am happy doing that.

I am taking the Music Video class. We have already have the first shooting and it was really excited. I think that it is a very great class, however, it is quite difficult to make a music video...i have never done any before and i think that it is quite hard, but it is good for me, it is a way for leaning more.

I have also done other things but they were not as excited that these ones.

Well i have already finished my second Radio Show, actually it is finished and my English teacher is trying to look at it and trying to my English make will see.


Can't wait to watch the promos!

i'm sure your english will be getting better and better