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Margaret's HTML Tricks

Margaret's HTML Tricks

For those who wish to incorporate multiple photos into a blog entry, Margaret Desjardins put together a special HTML formatting chart for NeighborMedia bloggers awhile back. In addition to Margaret's method, you can also upload your photos under "File attachments." Then, copy the code and go back to edit mode and paste it into your blog entry.

You can also use Margaret's cheat sheet for the basics, like:

  • making bold or italic type
  • linking to another URL
  • bulleted lists, such as this one
  • resizing text

  • and, of course, the colored text Margaret is famous for.

Bookmark it and use it to get started.

If you want to further explore the world of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), check CCTV's class schedule for the Intro to HTML and Dreamweaver course.