Help Protect Community Television in the Digital Age

Help Protect Community Television in the Digital Age

  • Posted on: 20 October 2009
  • By: Colin

The Alliance for Community Media needs your help to pass new legislation that would protect Community Media and Technology Centers, such as Cambridge Community Television, in the Digital Age. Here are more details from the ACM website:

"1. Call-to-Action Letter

This is our primary Call-To-Action alert letter.

2. Bill Summary

This is a 1-page summary that simply and clearly explains the bill's four areas of PEG access protection and preservation. The bill:

a) Removes use restrictions on negotiated PEG access fees;
b) Ends operators' discriminatory treatment of PEG channels (digital channel slamming & U-Verse Channel 99);
c) Directs the FCC to study and report on recent states' video franchising legislation impacts on PEG access; and
d) Defines all video services delivered to the home over wire as "cable", regardless of the transmission protocol used.

3. Sample Support Request Letters to Senators & Representatives

Community media advocates need to send letters to their Senators and Representatives asking them to support the bill - seeking co-sponsors in the House, filing companion legislation in the Senate. Here are samples.

4. Sample Thank-you letters to Senators and Representatives

Once Senators and Representatives announce support of the bill, they need to receive thank-you follow up letters from community media advocates. Here are samples.

5. Sample Supporting Resolution for Local Governing Bodies

The value of PEG access services is widespread, and appreciated by the various levels of local government whose meetings are seen on the channels, and who use the channels for delivering essntial information to their communities. Here is a sampl resolution they can send to your Congressional delegation asking them to support these PEG access protections.

6. Bill section-by-section analysis

This is a 2-page document, spelling out in more detail, the specific changes required by the bill. While this is not an essential document for the involvement of the general public in the campaign, it is an essential document for campaign leaders and others who are having ongoing discussions with legislators or the press on this matter."

Read more details from the Alliance for Community Media

(Photo above by StevenM_61 available on Flickr under a Creative Commons license)