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Existing problems on the Congress Street Edge

The problem of the edge of the Concgress Street Site is that it is a long, sterile un-safe sidewalk for pedesrtrians with a mere 6 inch curb. Hence,a car could easily jump that 6 inch crub and injur pedesrtians. In addition, pedestrians feel inimidated by the heavy on Congress Street.

The drawings show how the that sidewalk is made safe for the pedesrrians by raising it 17 inches above the street level which no truck or car can junp over. In addition, the sidewalk is made comfortable for pedestrians with sevewral places to sit with a continuous sitting wall backed up with shrubs for addditional protection from, wind heavy trafic. Being 17 inches above the Congress Steet Level, the pedestrians now look over and dominate the traffic as opposed to the present situation where the traffic treatens and dominates the pedestrians.

There are several Tree Places providing additional comfort for the the daily users and anninates the experience of the sidewalk.

The drawing shows the problem of the existing flight of steps facing Congress street which is a harsh and and under used. These steps would be transformed a lively terrace where people can relax for a cup of coffee and and enjoy seeing over the activites of Congress Street and visually connected to the lively activities of the Black Stone Block.