Avalanche at Simoni Rink in East Cambridge

Avalanche at Simoni Rink in East Cambridge

East Cambridge rink dumps snow on pedestrians.

No injuries, said a Cambridge Police Officer at Simoni Rink. Snow avalanche off the roof might have trapped some people. Everyone got out OK said the Police Officer. I was walking up Cambridge St. and the Cambridge Fire Department sent HazMat, and Special Operations trucks and extra trucks. Several ambulances were on the way.

WCVB.com reports that five people were hurt and two were taken to hospitals. They were on the heavily used path along the building that leads from Gore Street to the Twin Cities Shopping Center and the Star Market.

Good job by the Cambridge and Somerville emergency services!


Thanks for posting this so quickly, Mark. I heard about it on radio this a.m., but didn't see anything in the paper. Thank goodness everyone's ok.

This looks like a classic planning error. The state built a rink designed to shed snow, and the park designers didn't consider that when they located the path from the neighborhood to the supermarket right where the snow would fall. It would be tough to fix because the baseball diamond is right on the other side of the walk.