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What is the meaning of Second Life?

What is the meaning of Second Life?

Um, I don’t actually know, I’m still working on figuring out the meaning of my first life... BUT I’d love to know of any other questions you have!

CCTV is planning to do a public presentation later in April to introduce the CCTV Community to Second Life. As part of planning the event I’d love to get feedback on what things members would be interested in seeing during the tour!

I’d like to show everyone the different media distribution methods (see Tuesday’s post) so we can consider CCTV’s options for the Virtual CMC. …I also want to answer questions you may have about Second Life culture, potential for creative expression... anything! What would you like to learn about? Drop me a line in the comments below, and stay tuned for details on the when and where of the presentation!


Thanks for your previous post, and for being willing to be our tour guide as we move into what is, for us, uncharted territory.

I guess I would like to know who uses, or plays in, SL...I mean, do people (or their avatars) play games together? Is it like a fantasy situation where you can be and do all of the things that you can't in RL? Is there always a cost associated, or can anyone just go there and create an avatar? These and other questions.....