Doing it the Write way...

Doing it the Write way...

  • Posted on: 21 September 2009
  • By: tonibee

“I look at my environment and wonder where the fire went”, sang Lauryn Hill … so I left home ablaze in yellow, fuchsia, and orange on the last Friday of Summer 2009. Reflections of past season ran amuck my dome: the CCTV barbeque where my kids boogied to Zili Misik; how slow my hips healed after shaking rump at Cambridge’s Caribbean Carnival;the screeching of 8-year-old’s in dank, coal dark tunnels of Georges Island. With a partaay here and there, this summer’s salad was mixed in/deed.

But now it’s time for bidness and I find myself traipsing into autumn a teeny bit amped to write. C’mon now massive - you know y’all been choosing not to write, “fronting on your pen’s ” Or maybe you just do not have the time. Well I have cut out a space for you to flow your led (or pen instead), a slice of time to shoot out a line or three:

*Writer’s Block
Thursday 9/24, from 5 to 6 p.m.
@t The Margaret Fuller House
71 Cherry Street, Cambridge, MA

Adults are encouraged to attend the forum where last time the theme was red. During feedback mode I got off my game then heard my self say ‘e’time I see that dude he makes my cheeks… Well things just tend float out (ahem). And really they should folks! One does start to get a bit limber when you exercise the gift of moving your mind down into the recesses of the write way.

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oh oh oh I am so excited to go