Kathy Getchell

Kathy Getchell

  • Posted on: 24 March 2008
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

After a very lengthy interruption, I picked up a sketchbook a few years ago and feverishly began to
draw. Almost immediately I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, and I knew I had found the outlet for the images that were bottled up in my head. I rarely see things as they really are ... instead, I view them as I think they should be.

Charcoals are my favorite medium for almost all compositions. When gazing at scenery, floral arrangements or colorful imagery, I tend to view as a beautiful charcoal drawing. It's amazing that such distinctive values can be achieved using such a short list of supplies! With no real formal training or instruction, I'm still learning through trial, error, erasure ... and more erasure! I've also discovered that I am more comfortable with a freehand approach rather than using trace or grid.

I am beginning to experiment with color - pastels and colored pencils are tempting, but I haven't been able to project the same mood and feeling into my work as I do with charcoal. That being said, I think charcoal will continue to be my passion and my enthusiasm as long as it keeps moving me ... and with a bit of luck, interests you!

I have shown my work in a number of shows within the past few years; Art in the Park in Charlestown, MA, The Bedford Art Festival in Bedford, MA, The Spring Art Festival in Everett, MA, and my pieces have been juried in to the Lynn Arts Gallery in Lynn, MA. I am an artist member of the Everett Arts Association, Lynn Arts and the Porter Art Group.

A number of my works and prints are now hanging in private collections in Boston, Charlestown, Everett, Winthrop, New Hampshire and Iowa. “Anniversary Roses” has won first place in the drawing category at two separate art shows.

Kathy Getchell
d/b/a GailearaiGetchell