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Getting some experience in CCTV

Getting some experience in CCTV

  • Posted on: 21 March 2008
  • By: ines

After two weeks in CCTV I am sure that I am going to learn a lot about media productions!!!!!
During these two weeks I have been taking different classes: Beginning Final Cut Pro, Zip Docs and Studio Production. The hardest one is the edit class, just because of the all technical words that are used in it. I am sure that I know many of that words but just in Spanish and not English, but, however, I think that it is a very useful class and that's why i am thinking about taking the Advanced Final Cut Pro course in a future!!!!
The Zip Docs class is great, mostly the practical exercise. During this week I have been shouting with my partners a short documentary about Dance Complex. It is not finished yet, but i am sure that it could look good after editing. Will see...
And about studio production class I just want to say that it has been fantastic. Mostly of the tings that were explained in the class I had already learned during my studies. However, I have never used a studio camera and it liked a lot. In April 2th, we are going to shout a talent in the studio and then that program will be show in channel 9 and I am really exited about it. After this course I would like to take also the advanced one, just because I need to learn more about the audio, lightning and engineer work in studio.

Well, as you can see I am really happy with my classes, but I am also happy with the rest of the work/help that I am doing in CCTV.
During this time I have learned how to use the cablecast to prepare Believe shows and I have also noticed about which work are doing the stuff of CCTV.

Well, I have done quite many things during this short time, but I have to learn much more things about CCTV and the media, and I am sure that I will!!!!!

Well my English is not better yet. I am trying to improve it but it is quite hard to understand the American accent!!!! That's why I am thinking about taking some speaking English classes in an academy, however, I will try and I hope too, to practice it with all of you!!!!


Your English is fine and it will just get better and better! I can't imagine moving to another country and having to do everything in a new language - very brave!

(we do talk fast, don't we?)

I'm glad the courses went well, Inés, and I think the Zip Docs documentary ( your group did on the Dance Complex turned out great! Keep shooting!