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Parks & Public Boards @ the Area 4 Meeting

Parks & Public Boards @ the Area 4 Meeting

  • Posted on: 18 March 2008
  • By: tonibee

Last Thursday, on the evening of March 13th between 7-9PM, about 20 community members including two children, gathered at the Pisani Center in The Port/Area 4 for a monthly community meeting. Neighbors met & mingled while enjoying a delicious meal of rice & beans & Fried chicken which was provided by Izzy’s Restaurant. The meeting began with Open announcements then quickly moved to Park Updates, UDAG presentations, & Approvals for a Convenience store license…
The Harvard Street Park - Jim Wilcox from Public Works said that the new park, located one block from the Fletcher Maynard School, was almost complete even though work had begun on it in December 2006.

What caused the hold up? Workers had to first remove then replace contaminated soil “up to 6 feet” in some places said Wilcox. Jim speculates that the park will be open by late Summer 2008 but more work must be done - on the sidewalk, the community garden, installation of sod (grass) and more...

What is complete? The tennis courts, a water play area, & the playground – which noticeably lacks a community board/kiosk. One gentleman mused that, “There is a public kiosk with lock & key for the garden but none for the park” he then asked, “Is there any more money for it (a public board)”, but Jim Wilcox was unsure…as for Lafayette Park – at the intersection of Mass Ave & Columbia Street Wilcox said the project was taking along time due to challenges with contractors and to the surprise of neighbors the park is under contract by the State.

My fellow O2139er’s - Stay Tuned for an Update on the meeting UDAG presentations by Friday 3/21 & remember BE ALERT & let Neighbor Media reps know about News in your ‘Hood


Thanks for this. Toni B. Sometimes these projects move so slowly that we don't even see the change....The construction of the Lafayette Square Park has been going on for sooooo long, and has had such a negative impact on the local businesses.....and as you have pointed out in your previous posts, Central Square Businesses face a great many challenges as it is...