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Computer Training Week #4

Computer Training Week #4

  • Posted on: 15 March 2008
  • By: Colin

Today marked the final week of computer trainings at CCTV, as outlined in the program proposal.

8 more participants received their computers at the end of the training session today. However, many of the participants felt that more computer training would be very helpful. Particularly for those with little to no previous experience with computers and the Internet.

Therefore, I hope that at the Steering Committee meeting this week we can discuss ways to make sure that participants receive the additional trainings they need. As I'm sure others would agree, it's necessary that participants feel comfortable with their computers and confident that this program helped them get closer to achieving their stated goals.

(Photo above by Tim Plenck for CCTV available under a Creative Commons license)


thanks to Tim for posting the photos - it really gives one a sense of how things felt there today. I am so pleased with how the project has gone so far - clearly, we are learning things that will inform the next steps for the pilot. Looking forward to meeting with everyone this coming Wednesday!