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Youth View Net Neutrality

Youth View Net Neutrality

On this week's edition of Youth View Cambridge, our beloved youth production coordinator Matt Landry made a guest appearance to break down the issue of network neutrality. Why did we feel this was an important topic for teenagers to understand?

Though some would argue that looming restrictions on bandwidth would affect everyone equally, in fact we should recognize that the digital divide does exist. It's safe to say that many adults would be able to cope without access to certain websites, but the so-called "Millennials" who grew up on the 'net couldn't even imagine being virtually locked out of their online worlds. We found that once high school students were tuned into this concept, they immediately feared an out-of-school environment in which they'd face the same restrictions they do on school grounds, which frustrates them on a daily basis and, they feel, infringes on their freedoms.

For this particular group of people to be left out of the debate is to essentially ignore some of the issue's most invested stakeholders. This Boston Globe article explains how Comcast went about keeping many voices of opposition out of the courtroom.

In true newsroom fashion, the footage we needed arrived just in time to submit the show for cablecast on CEA's channels. Until the show is posted, check out the Voices from the overflow crowd segment. Keep in mind that these are only small portions of the interviews we conducted.