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La voz del pueblo

La voz del pueblo

Among the many classes and resources offered by Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), there is a Computer Tutorial specifically designed to help people of the Non-English speaking immigrant community to become acquainted with the basics of computing. In our age, we take the Internet so much for granted that we easily forget that not everyone is connected. The reasons for this could be manifold, not the least one being that of the language barrier. Last year Jason wrote eloquently about this in his Blog. Check out his post Computación en Español Helps Bridge Language Gap. This year, we were invited to spread the word, as it were, about CCTV's Computer Tutorial in a very popular Spanish speaking radio program called La Voz del Pueblo, a 1 1/2-hour talk show at 1600 on the dial. Sitting in his WUNR-AM studio in downtown Boston on a Sunday morning, the host of the show, Victor Tejeda, asked CCTV member, María Ren, from Guatemala and Computer Tutorial Intern, Karin Koch from Venezuela to speak about the Computer Tutorial to an audience who didn't hesitate to call in and bombard María and Karin with questions ranging from Can I learn how to send email? How much does it cost? My children don't have the patience to teach me. Do you? Where is CCTV? For María, who usually is a listener of the program, it was a bit of a role reversal: This time it was her turn to speak to a radio audience about the experience of being a student at CCTV's Non-English Speaker Computer Tutorial and she did an excellent job!


Thanks for posting this about your experience at WUNR.

It's great to read about and see photos from your trip and to learn more from radio listeners about the interest in our computer lab!