CCTV Member's Party: March 4

CCTV Member's Party: March 4

  • Posted on: 10 January 2006
  • By: owner

Clear your calendar, we’re having a party! Cambridge Community Television's Member Advisory Committee is throwing a party to celebrate the fabulous members our our public access center. Have you always wanted to boogie with that guy who does the funny BeLive? Or that girl who always seems to be on channel 9? They will all be at CCTV on Saturday, March 4th 2006 from 6-9pm. Don’t be scared, come and meet fellow members face to face!

The fiesta's theme is 'Carnival!' so come ready to go wild for some beads or just ready to sing your heart out with our karaoke machine. Drinks and food are only the icing on the cake (yup…there’ll be cake!) of this not-to-be-missed CCTV event. Have you been trying to convince all your friends to join CCTV because it’s so cool? Do it now because the part is free for all Access Members while Affiliate members and guests will be admitted for only $5. We’ll see you at the party!


I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jim and Sam discuss journalism. They were intelligent, engaging, and credible. Their message resonates in me now and will continue thought provoking discussion inside me and with others. I would love to see them on again.