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Momentum Theatre Troupe at Cambridge's Sennott Park

Momentum Theatre Troupe at Cambridge's Sennott Park

NeighborMedia investigates innovative entertainment. NH's Momentum Theatre Troupe brought their transportable theater to Sennott Park.

  • Posted on: 15 August 2014
  • By: MauriceW

Momentum Theatre Troupe at Cambridge's Sennott Park
The Momentum Theater Troupe (MTT) brought their unique brand of theater to Cambridge last Friday, August 8th.

What makes Momentum Theater unique is the simple and complex fact they are a theater on wheels. Moving trucks are the norm in this area. Trucks descend on Cambridge and Greater Boston with frequency due to the large student population. The Momentum Theatre Truck may have heavy labeled graffiti, but it still manages to blend into the youthful funky landscape. Suddenly, they turn off the main street and pull into a neighborhood park. What happens next is something out of television’s and movie’s Transformers; something magical happens.

Here are just a few examples: The right side panel of the storage trailer peels apart creating a makeshift stage. Meanwhile, the left side panel becomes backstage exit. Above and behind the cabin where people would normally sit transforms into a balcony. Underneath the new balcony are additional doors and passage ways.

The participants make the Momentum Theatre Troupe unique
Sean Eastman is the Artistic Director and creative mind behind the Momentum Theatre Troupe and its truck. A 
Sarah Lawrence College grad, Sean turned his passion for theater and post-grad youthful hustle into an amazing innovation. He assembled local actors and actors from overseas to join in his vision to share theater across U.S. communities.

Jasmine Roth is just one year into participating with the Momentum Theatre Troupe and acts as their Stage Manager. She graciously sat down with NeighborMedia to describe the connection between the theater, elements and people and how the organic feeling affects the actors. She even shares the numerous cities MTT plans to visit.

What does the MTT have to do to assemble this
So what exactly takes place to make this truck bloom? After describing what was needed to happen to transform this truck, I thought to myself “they must have a separate crew of technicians to assemble or disassemble the truck.” No, the actors themselves double as the tech crew. I imagined its has to be difficult enough to memorize your lines as an actor. Second, add to the acting pressure the anxiety of performing on stage outdoors. Lastly, on top of all of this, you’re expected to assemble an innovative outdoor stage in under an hour. This quite remarkable when you see it actually take place.

This theater can perform anywhere / parks are transformed
The MTT truck is extremely convenient. The Momentum Theatre Troupe can perform just about anywhere there is an open space. This includes parks, local town squares, parking lots, nearby rivers, etc. If there’s an open space people can get to, the MTT can perform. With the aid of efforts like MTT, parks can be transformed into solid community spaces to exchange culture, ideas and entertainment.

People who might normally attend the theater due to perceptions of theater costs or cultural or class fears would find the MTT a welcome alternative. The MTT is outstanding introduction of exposure of literature for children, great date night for couples on a budget and great opportunity for seniors to get fresh air and reconnect to their neighborhood roots.

Where you can go to find out more
You can find the Momentum Theatre Troupe through the
Cambridge Arts Council,, MTT's online webpage, and on their facebook page, You can make not only schedule inquiries, but support their efforts to bring to your town as well.

A free way to expose yourself to all summer has to offer

High quality innovative intimate theater is right in your neighborhood. If you missed this go around, there’s always next year. Next summer when the sunshines look out for the white truck with all the graffiti art to add to your summer’s entertainment and community enjoyment.


NEAT O! Maurice. As usual, something cool in Cambridge that I missed. Dog....