Power to the people

Power to the people

The Carlone petition returns the decision making to the City Council during the Master Plan process

It is often hard to understand the inner working of governance. This is even more true when it comes to city planning.
In Cambridge the Planning Board is the entity which decides if projects requiring special permits are going to happen or not. The planning board has never denied a special permit! The planning board is set up by the city manager and today most of its members have been there for a very very long time. too long.
The Planning board rarely listens to the resident who are going to be the most impacted by the special permits they approve. They are content with forcing the developer to put 'lipstick on a pig', figuring this will at least show their invovlment. Well it seems the time of the 'lipstick on a pig' is coming to an end. City Councilor Dennis Carlone has introduce a zonning amendment that will return the final decision making to the City Council. This decision making by the City Council on special permit will last as long as it takes for the Master Plan to be developed. We will finally have elected official who are accountable for the development of our city. Obviously this is a very very very good thing and everyone should rejoice. I know it's not the case and the power that be would rather maintain the status quo, which is an excellent barometer of how postive this zonning amendment will be.

Tonight the Planning board will discuss the Carlone petition at 344 Broadway at 7pm. I encourage everyone to attend and voice their opinion pro or con, participation is the essence of democracy. So again, go to the planning board and let your voice be heard. Today you'll have an opportunity like no other to tell the planning board why such change in the process is so important.

For more details visit
The Carlone Petition

I hope lots of you will show up tonight at 7pm, 344 Broadway, and voice your disatifaction with current process.



PS: Whenever you go by the Sullivan Courthouse in East Cambridge on 3rd st, don't forget to bring something along with you and attach it to the Fence of discontent surrounding it, lets make the Fence pretty for all those who live right by...