Racing thru the Rain

Racing thru the Rain

  • Posted on: 12 August 2009
  • By: tonibee

Cambridge, MA, Cloudy Tuesday 8/11/09…
I have been starving y’all. Not for food but for a bit of kid-time. As an adult, a mid afternoon toss of foul shots or kickball is sort of shunned upon (yet is the sweetest thing if you don’t sweat or twist your back out)

As a lover of community going to events where my people at, becomes an informing talkfest. Lately though, I been taking heed to the lil’ chocolate one who patiently flutters in the cut while Mommy is blah-blahing. Been taking heed ever since a Rose said to me “take time out with your child”…and I have realized…I’m missing these moments with my child.

I captured that moment last night when we strolled a few blocks down to the welcoming green of Green-Rose Park. Area 4/4 Peace and other peoples were handing out popcorn; a clown got kids fascinated; then best of all – a movie outside in the park. Flash flaaashh in the sky – was it a camera or, uh, lightning

The movie was Race to Witch Mountain and I was glad they still showed the flick despite the concrete-grey mass ominous in sky. Speakers Boom surround-sound my ears; gigantic screen clear enough to see The Rock kick butt; and families, peaceful families darted the grass. Wait…is that…nope couldn’t be a drizzle

Peaceful ones lay out on blankets, chilled in chairs speaking Amharic chattering Haitian Creole, daddies chased after those babies they did. Young fellas footballed some flustered kid’s shoe; chase screeeeam went the ten year olds; and always the informing talkfest. Family time in the 4…

My chile couldn’t get comfy so plomp on Mamas lap she went. She, me, we, amongst other thems. My mind went back to 1980’s drive in movies; foolish fat homemade cheese burgers; mom’s crispy fries; Daddy’s “cover your eyes kids”; sister and my head drooping in back seat heading home… Shhhhhh Shhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhh I suddenly came out of my memories dripping wet, jump up, chair grabbed, “Cmon babyyyy” - because the sky suddenly decided to cry – profusely.

(So sorry to Mark Moses, a movie organizer, who shook head and sighed)...kid and I raced thru the rain down the slick bricks of Harvard Street giggling the whooooole time. Walked slow-fast we did, glad for that moment - to not photo or quote or chat - but for that kid time, that 8 year old moment in time.


Tonibee, images so vivid - we have been starved for YOU and your words. Thank you!

Very nice poetic ring to your story, kinda reminds me of Maya Angelou.

Toni, I really enjoy reading your artisic writing; it flowz so effortlessly. It conjures up images in the imagination that not only enlighten, but makes one feel that they've personally experienced what you have just written themselves.
I continue to be proud of you my Daughter... Flow on!!!

I am humbled by your words Wordsmith.
And learned it all from you. I am glad that
it felt like you were there

Toni keep writing keep moving keep going keep flowing
Write, writer, write!

I love you!
Rhonda McPherson