BOSTON CITY HALL PLAZA: ALTERNATE (composition of the redesign images)

These images show the general concept of the proposed Alternate to the TRUSTS proposal for the re-design of Boston City Hall Plaza. They are the result of a DIAGNOSIS of every part of the plaza as it now exists, pinpointing what parts of the Plaza are under-used or DEAD. Some of the existing Plaza is in need of major repair, with other Plaza spaces in only in minor repairs and in some situations no repair is need at all.

The Plaza is located in the rigt place (the historic center of Boston) and while major changes are needed (both additions and substractions) it is definately a workable situation. A genuine solution to the plaza would raise to the the level of skill and enegy that one experiences level of quality that one experiences in the great Europen publc spawces such as Piazza Del compo in Sciena and Saint Marks Square in Veiice. The existing plaza fails because it is just one vast 12 acre expanse of brick that dose NOT serve the needs of the daily users of the Plaza and in some situations the existing Plaza spaces are physically dangerous for pedestrians to use.

The PROBLEM and SOLUTION are as follows:

PROBLEM: The out-door Plaza space is not defined along the Congress Street.
SOLUTION: a lively Exhibition Building that provides lots of good "People Places" that are connected by a generous, animated circulation loop of horizontal circulation. Hence, great views(that could not be seen from the existing plaza. Specicic views are: (1)the historic Tremont Street landmarks looking south and to the north on views down Cambridged Street seeing the Charles River and Cambridge on the horizon.
(2) views of the North End Landmarks in the view corridor north of City Hall and views of the festive Quincy Marketplace,the waterfromt with its expaces of the Bay, (3)new vertical circulation in the Exhibition Building named "Wings of Light". One can make direct connections to the Green Line and the Blue Line with ones experinece (of vertical movement) being antimated by the use glass elevators,open esculators and staircases.