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CCTV April Class Special!!!

CCTV April Class Special!!!

Check out this great special offered in the month of April for all classes through June 2014!

  • Posted on: 16 April 2014
  • By: Allison


Access Members: Sign up a non-member friend to come with you to any CCTV class and they can pay the Access Member rate! Sign up (with your friend) by April 30th for any class through June. Fee is non-refundable.

Non-Members: Two for One! When you and a friend sign up for a class, one of you comes for free! Sign up with a friend by April 30th for any CCTV class through June and receive a two for one price! Fee is non-refundable.

Check out our fantastic class listing of offering from April - June 2014 and take advantage of this special today:

Questions: call 617-661-6900 or email Allison at:

In addition to the special, we'd like to tell you about what is coming up in the next few weeks!

Upcoming classes in April include:

A brand new exciting production class called "Capturing the Real: Observational Documentary" taught by Jennifer Kelley and starting on Tuesday, 4/22. This class will teach you how to create a short documentary video that relies on observation based skills rather than formal interviews/voice-over narration to drive the story. The idea is to find a really interesting topic that tells its own story, and to let events unfold in front of the camera. By the end of the class you will have produced a short piece on your own (or with a classmate if you choose) in this style.

We also have some exciting web based classes in April, including Building Websites with WIX (4/30), a very user friendly platform for creating your next website - considered easier than wordpress and taught in a single session, and Video Portfolios (starts 4/24), a class which will teach you how to build a professional portfolio of your work online that you could use for job/grant/school applications or to simply advertise yourself as a producer/artist/freelancer.

We have two studio based classes in CCTV's upgraded HD studio this April. An Inscriber class starting on the 4/16, this teaches you the software program utilized in CCTV's large production studio to create professional looking graphics and animations for your show, and a Video Switcher Crash Course (starts 4/28) for anyone who was familiar with the old studio but needs to be trained on the new video switcher.

If you are interested in seminar classes, we have a single session class exploring Coming of Age Narratives in Film (4/15), which will provide a brief history as well as look at the common story elements, styles, and structure of teen film. It's a fun class for those who are curious or interested in producing narrative work.

We also have Edit II coming up starting 04/27. If you haven't gotten the opportunity to take this class yet, here is your chance. It won't be offered again until summer. We also are offering all the basics, which if you haven't taken are a fantastic place to start: Field Camera I (4/14) and Audio 101 (4/17). You have already missed Edit I: Beginning Final Cut Pro X for April, but another class will run in May starting on Tuesday the 6th.

If you have not yet turned in your first CCTV certification project, and need help finishing up, sign up for our Edit I Certification Workshop single-session class on April 24th. Garabed Setrakian will help you finish up your project, and when you turn it in you will be reimbursed for the class!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the front desk at 617-661-6900 or contact Allison: or 617-401-4009