75 New Str, Fresh Pond -- Planning Board -- Let you voice be heard!

75 New Str, Fresh Pond -- Planning Board -- Let you voice be heard!

Improve the Fresh Pond/Alewife infrastructure prior to doubling the housing the amount of housing!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 8:00pm

All of you residents of Fresh Pond take note and attend the Planning Board Meeting on Tuesday March 4th, 7PM at 344 Broadway, Cambridge, 2nd floor, make your voice heard, make it count! Ask the Planning Board to deny PB#286

I write to voice my concerns about the proposed redevelopment of 75 New Street (currently J&C Adams Windows) into 93 residential units by AbodeZ Development. I strongly object to more than doubling the amount of housing on New Street without immediate improvements to the auto, pedestrian, and biking infrastructure.

Providing the future residents of 75 New Street with free MBTA Bike Charlie Cards and hoping they will choose a largely car-free lifestyle is a ticket straight to the emergency room without long overdue improvements to the sidewalks on New Street and the addition of a defined street and a separate pedestrian/bike route through the back of the shopping center parking lot. (See map at the end of this letter from page 35 of the study showing the recommended additional infrastructure.)