Web Survey Report Final Draft

Web Survey Report Final Draft

Dear Committee members,

Please see the attached Word Document. I've attempted to bring together all three sections of the report into one cohesive version. Most significantly, I've inserted Eli's User-Generated Content and News & Info sections into Julie and Rob's sections. I've also used a majority of Eli's conclusion section as a basis for the end of the report.

I will bring this version of the report to the Board meeting this evening, as a basis for discussion - NOT as a final version. Please blog (or email me) your comments and we will work to wrap up this report, asap.

I hope we can also find a time to meet next in December to discuss potential steps forward for our committee's work in 2008 based on the outcome of this report.

Thanks again!

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wow, I just read this report, it is really comprehensive and full of really great observations - thank you so much, MAO committe, for great work. This info should really help in the web site redesign.

Nice work