Oil and Water: The High Cost of “Cheap” Fossil Fuels

Oil and Water: The High Cost of “Cheap” Fossil Fuels

Coal extraction, fracking and tar sands transportation are poisoning the nation's water supply.

  • Posted on: 13 January 2014
  • By: CCRA

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Oil and Water: The High Cost of “Cheap” Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are often said to be "cheap" when compared with the "expensive" new forms of renewable energy like solar or wind sources. But the fundamental real reason that fossil fuels appear cheap is because the extractive industries have been cutting corners on safety regulations to make maximum profits for their shareholders.

The stakeholders, however, see things very differently than the stockholders. Those that live in the communities where extraction takes place and own land upon which these extractive industries have operated have been systematically victimized by these industries, paying with the pollution of their water and the degradation of their health and safety. This has been made dramatically apparent to over 300,000 residents of 9 counties in West Virgina this week.

It is likely that if the fossil fuel industries were ever to pay for the full cost of their operations -- including the environmental degradation of millions of square miles and the compromised health and safety of millions of people -- their profits would plummet and shareholders would abandon their stock holdings. This destructive system is allowed to persist and thrive is only because the fossil fuel corporations have succeeded in suppressing this information through "non-disclosure agreements" and keeping these shocking crimes out of the news to prevent the wider public from knowing what is occurring. Fortunately, local film makers are documenting this nation-wide tragedy where the mainstream corporate media have totally failed to cover the gravity and scope of the problems throughout America. See in particular: ShiftTheClimate.Org – Building a climate concerned culture and shifting our mindsets to a sustainable future.