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Programming Highlights: Hope for a Livable Climate, Look Before You Leap, Bob Healy Building Dedication & What's On This Week

Programming Highlights: Hope for a Livable Climate, Look Before You Leap, Bob Healy Building Dedication & What's On This Week

News & information about our BeLive & Community Radio Studios, current programming, special broadcast events, & what's on when!

  • Posted on: 30 December 2013
  • By: Chris

25 Years In 25 Weeks Finale: A Look Back at the Last 25 Years!
- Join us for the conclusion of our visual tour of the last quarter century of CCTV programming! Tune in this week to see video clips from and facts about each of the last 25 years, starting with 1988 and ending with 2013. Also, a warm thank you to our proud sponsors over the last 25 weeks: Cambridge Community Trust, Get in Shape for Women, The Hong Kong, The Middle East, New School of Music, Classic Graphx, Pacante, Gallucio & Watson, and Senior Whole Health. CCTV truly appreciates your support!
Channel 8 - Friday, January 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Movie Of The Week: "State Department File 649"
- In this classic war suspense drama, U.S. Foreign Service officer matches wits with a Chinese warlord to try to save American citizens threatened with execution.
Channel 9 - Saturday at 9:00 PM

What's On This Week - Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Channel 8

The Harp Show: Elizabeth Morse
- Host Al Marotta presents "The Harp Show", featuring a studio performance by the lovely and talented harpist Elizabeth Morse, accompanied by Daniel Monte, playing a mixture of classic and contemporary tunes.
Airing this week Wednesday @ 11 AM, Thursday @ 11 AM, Friday @ 2:30 PM, Saturday @ 3:30 PM, Sunday @ 6:30 PM, Monday @ 11 PM & Tuesday @ 7 PM
Bill & Billy Horn
- A program featuring CCR and BeLive host Bill Robinson interviewing himself about the various musical instruments he plays as well as playing music to his "other half".
Airing this week Wednesday @ 11:30 AM, Thursday @ 2:30 PM, Saturday @ 5 PM, Sunday @ 6 PM & Monday @ 9:30 AM
Cambridge Energy Alliance: Energy Efficiency Collection
- The Cambridge Energy Alliance presents this collection of short programs about energy efficiency including "Landlord Energy Efficiency", "Sprouts of Hope", "Residential Energy Efficiency", and "Local Business Energy Efficiency".
Airing this week Wednesday @ 2:30 PM, Thursday @ 6 PM, Saturday @ 8:30 AM, Sunday @ 10:30 AM & Monday @ 10 AM
Haunted Victorian Mansion Tour
- A non-profit, mini-documentary about Jason Baker Photography and the S.K. Pierce Mansion in Gardner, MA, and featuring interesting facts about the architectural restoration and reported hauntings there.
Airing this week Wednesday @ 6 PM, Thursday @ 10 AM, Friday @ 9 AM, Saturday @ 11:30 AM & Sunday @ 2 PM
The Hip-Hop Transformation
- A group of Cambridge Teenagers perform their own compositions of "pro-social hip-hop songs" as part of a partnership between the Cambridge Arts Council, the Cambridge Community Center, and the Cambridge Police Department.
Airing this week Wednesday @ 6:30 PM, Thursday @ 6:30 PM, Friday @ 8:30 AM & Saturday @ 8 AM
Goober County Jamboree: Planet Banjo
- A performance by a couple playing old-timey music with a banjo and a fiddle. Produced by Al Marotta.
Airing this week Wednesday @ 7 PM, Thursday @ 11:30 AM, Saturday @ 6 PM, Sunday @ 2:30 PM, Monday @ 10:30 AM & Tuesday @ 7:30 PM
David Lee Morgan: "Science, Love and Revolution"
- Award-winning author and poet David Lee Morgan performs readings from his book "Science, Love and Revolution."
Airing this week Thursday @ 9 AM, Saturday @ 4 PM, Sunday @ 7 PM, Monday @ 6 PM & Tuesday @ 10 AM
Cambridge Carnival 2013
- Host Clyde Hicks checks out the 2013 Cambridge Carnival and showcases some of the sights and sounds there!
Airing this week Thursday @ 10:30 AM, Friday @ 10:30 AM, Saturday @ 3 PM, Sunday @ 9 AM & Tuesday @ 9:30 PM
Primetime! Presents: Alchemilla
- The final project of CCTV's Primetime! Beginning Studio Production class featuring a musical performance by the alternative rock band "Alchemilla" along with an interview with them.
Airing this week Thursday @ 10:30 PM, Friday @ 9:30 AM & Sunday @ 3 PM
CCTV Short Films Extravaganza
- Every week, CCTV will air new and current member-made short films together in an unstoppable block of entertainment! Tune in every Sunday and Tuesday evening for a chance to laugh, cry, learn, and be inspired! This week's shorts (in the order they will air): "STEAM Rising: The Nature Lab", "STEAM Rising: Biological Systems", "Meeting Bob the Music Man", JAHSpirit Music Video Promo: "Go Easy", "Suffocation" Music Video, "Boston United", "CCR Promo: Angel Of The Airwaves", "NeighborMedia: Honk! Fest 2013", "Fort Washington: Then & Now", "Lost in a Club" Music Video, "Haddis Girma Field Day 2013", "NeighborMedia: Parking Day", Music Video: "Somewhere in 1950's Suburbia"
NOTE: For a complete list of the current short films playing in between our regularly schedules programming please visit:
Airing every week Sundays @ 5 PM & Tuesdays @ 6 PM

Channel 9
NOTE: CCTV will be closing early @ 6 PM on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 & closed completely on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 in honor of New Year's, so there will be no new Live shows those evenings

NEW! Look Before You Leap
- A lecture at Lesley University about lessons learned from the last 20 years that can be applied to the next wave of education reform.
Premiering this week Friday @ 6:30 PM, Saturday @ 7 PM & Sunday @ 1 PM
NEW! Bob Healy Building Dedication
- The Cambridge Health Alliance presents the renaming of the Ambulatory Care Center at its Cambridge Hospital campus in honor of Bob Healy, who retired in early 2013 after serving as the Cambridge City Manager for over 30 years.
Premiering this week Friday @ 8 PM, Saturday @ 6 PM & Sunday @ 2:30 PM
NEW! Hope for a Livable Climate
- A discussion about how the promise of restorative grazing and other ecological innovations can regenerate soil, rescue food and water, liven rural economies, and reverse global warming.
Premiering this week Saturday @ 4 PM & Sunday @ 9 PM
BeLive: On Digital Air
- Host Garabed Setrakian explores all things digital and seeks to invigorate and inform viewers with tasteful arts and technology reviews.
Airs this Sunday and the 1st Sunday of every month @ 5 PM
BeLive: Nubia Now & Then
- A cultural program, hosted by Vicki Meredith, that focuses on the history and current events of the Nubian society in Egypt.
Airs this Tuesday and the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 6:30 PM

Channel 96

Taken by the Word: Freedom of Religion
- A program that asks: "If there is only one God, then why the many religions?" A group of panelists discuss this issue and ask viewers to think about the question that if someone has to make a choice between God and individual churches, what will they choose?
Airing this week Wednesday @ 7 AM, Thursday @ 3 PM, Friday @ 8 AM, Saturday @ 11:30 AM, Monday @ 7 AM & Tuesday @ 10:30 AM
Fish: The Last of Their Kind?
- A panel of experts discuss the science, history, and ethics surrounding fish and what humans can do to protect this fascinating creature.
Airing this week Wednesday @ 9:30 AM, Thursday @ 11:30 PM, Saturday @ 10 AM, Sunday @ 9:30 AM & Tuesday @ 7:30 AM
El Estado Celular
- Una meditaciĆ³n para sanarse. (A guided meditation for healing, spoken in Spanish.)
Que se estrena esta semana (Airing this week) Wednesday @ 1:30 PM, Thursday @ 7 AM, Friday @ 3:30 PM, Saturday @ 12:30 PM, Sunday @ 8 PM & Tuesday @ 11:30 PM
Astrophysics Today: On Track of the Big Bang
- A panel of scientists discuss how they are learning more about the beginning of the universe as well as what might have happened before the Big Bang.
Airing this week Wednesday @ 11:30 PM, Thursday @ 2 PM, Saturday @ 9:30 AM, Sunday @ 7:30 AM & Tuesday @ 7 AM
Science Panel: Organ Donation Risks & Effects
- A program, presented by Radio Santec, featuring a panel discussion about the risks, effects, and issues involved with organ donation.
Airing this week Thursday @ 7:30 AM & Saturday @ 7:30 AM
A Close Look: How Will We Feed the World of Tomorrow?
- One billion people go hungry every day despite decades of efforts and promising forecasts of science and the agro-industry. How can these people and even more be fed in the future? Or is it a question of land ownership and our relationship to food, the soil, and to Mother Eart as a whole? Tune in as a group of panelists discusses these issues! Produced and presented by Radio Santec.
Airing this week Thursday @ 10 AM, Saturday @ 3 PM, Monday @ 8 AM & Tuesday @ 1 PM
Meat File
- Humans' increasing meat consumption determines our future. The steadily growing meat production sector has drastic consequences not only for the ecological and climactic balance of the Earth, but also for our health. But where does meat come from and under what circumstances is it produced? "Meat File" provides horrifying facts about livestock production, animal husbandry and slaughter, as weall as the effects on people and the planet.
Airing this week Thursday @ 4 PM, Saturday @ 5 PM, Sunday @ 7 PM, Monday @ 9 AM & Tuesday @ 3 PM
NEW! The Inner Physician & Healer: Body & Soul
- A program for the guided mediation and healing of the body and soul through the power of Christ and God.
Premiering this week Saturday @ 5 PM, Sunday @ 7 PM, Monday @ 9 AM & Tuesday @ 3 PM

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